ANJET launched September, 2008 in Los Angeles, Calif.  From the outset, we intended to use the standard private jet brokerage model - but add our own touch to how clients were handled and extending additional services to locations and events that typically overlooked for the more popular and well-known locales.  We figured that if our clientele was paying for something special, then they should be offered the same.  After nearly a decade in operation, we are pleased to say we have made our mark on the industry!  Below are some of the services we provide.
  • On-demand Jet Charter
    ANJET will assist you in every step of the charter booking process.  We contract with both the retail client (i.e. "you") and the charter operator (i.e. "aircraft manager").  
  • Private Jet Sales and Purchases
    Whether you are selling a used aircraft, or looking to purchase a new or used aircraft - our well-connected and knowledgeable professionals can locate and/ or represent your interest for you.  
  • Customized Private Island Getaways
    If your party is planning a destination wedding, corporate retreat - or just wants to celebrate a special event or milestone with complete privacy - ANJET can connect you to many of the most exclusive exotic locales in the world!

Key Team Members

The people who make it happen!

Anthony Newcombe (CEO)

Anthony has been a private aviation professional since 2007.  He still enjoys rolling up his sleeves in order to create "dream trips" for his clientele.  He also enjoys programming and design (How else did you think this site got  upgraded?!) - and is working on his first book.

Anna Miranda (SVP)

Anna has been a career publicist and marketing professional.  Since 2008, she has been very instrumental in creating strategic partnerships that have made ANJET a globally-recognizable brand.


Q: Why Fly Privately?

A: Since the 2008 downturn in the global economy, more and more airlines have been forced to cancel flights or shut down hubs entirely – stranding millions of travelers each day. Enormous flight delays, longer and slower airport security lines and overcrowded flights all have people looking for alternatives like private travel. Below are some statistics: The Center for Air Transportation Systems Research (CATSR) at George Mason University estimated that total passenger trip delays cost tens of billions in lost productivity for the U.S. economy alone annually. Studies also revealed that about one-quarter of all flights are delayed - with the average delay lasting at least 57 minutes.Recent studies indicate that approximately twenty percent of travel time is spent in delays at the gate, in taxi lines and circling the airport, at an annual cost north of $40 billion. Over 15 percent of travel in the United States is done by private jet, with more than 25,000 private jets operating worldwide. This means the number of available private aircraft are more than twice the number of commercial airlines.As more and more individuals come to realize how valuable their time is and how much time is wasted during commercial travel, flying privately has become more of a necessity rather than a matter of convenience or luxury.

Q: In what ways does “on-demand charter” differ from the fractional ownership programs?

A: The most important difference is that with on-demand charter, there is no contractual obligation to fly more than one leg (i.e. flight segment) with our company. There are no upfront, out-of-pocket expenses, no long-term commitments, and you’ll have access to the same quality aircraft that you would through a fractional program. Given this, there is no reason not to use ANJET’s on-demand charter. Since 2008, we have been utilized either solely or as a supplement to one of the operating fractional programs. Just think of ANJET’s on-demand service as more of an added strength than a compromise.

Q: What differentiates ANJET from other private jet charter firms?

A: Although we all perform roughly the same tasks, we also perform those tasks at differing abilities and efficiency. ANJET is committed to providing the best customer service, quality aircraft and pricing available. Unlike larger broker charter firms saddled with huge operating costs, ANJET keeps its overhead extremely low in order to concentrate specifically on providing the highest level of personalized service, the most modern and aircraft with the highest safety standards, while at the most competitive pricing available. We have developed extensive relationships with some of the top charter operators in the business, giving you access to thousands of aircraft around the world at a moment’s notice.* Our ultimate goal is to maintain valued relationships with our global partners and clients by providing the highest level of personalized service, attention to detail and quality aircraft at unbelievable pricing.

Q: How do clients know that the private aircraft being flown are safe?

A: ANJET strives to charter aircraft (whenever possible) that are Wyvern and ARG US-approved, have undergone the strictest internal aviation audits and possess the appropriate certification by the FAA. One of the predominant concerns we hear from our clients is safety, or flying on aircraft without the highest standard of safety certification. Whenever possible, ANJET is committed to booking charter with Wyvern and/or ARG US certified operators who provide proof of the highest safety standards. In the event that we may have to locate an aircraft (i.e. a remote island connector) that may not carry this certification, clients are fully informed so they have all available options to them and they can decide whether or not to continue with their itinerary, or ask us to assist in seeking alternate arrangements for them if necessary.

Q: What other services does ANJET offer?

A: ANJET offers to its clients the finest in all aspects of private concierge, including: Ground transportation (utilizing a nationwide and international network); Customized catering on board (from your favorite restaurant to the finest caterers); Access to: exclusive hotels/resorts; and entertainment shows, professional sporting events, political events and leisure activities.

Basically, we can secure for you nearly any additional services you may need during your itinerary. We will do everything in our power to make the effort to obtain our clients’ requests wherever possible.

*Please allow up to 2 hours (domestic) and up to 4 hours (international) to confirm any private aircraft. All aircraft are subject to operator availability. ANJET has no final say or control over which specific model is ultimately assigned (if at all) by an operator. ANJET refers to this as working for our clients on a “best efforts” model. This means that though we cannot guarantee outcomes, we will do everything in our power to obtain the best outcome for our clientele.

ANJET ExecuCard Suite

"Fly smarter with one of our ExecuCard options"

ANJET Diamond

$25,000-$99,999 ( e-mail for contract info)

ANJET Double Diamond

$100,000-$499,999 e-mail for contract info)

ANJET Triple Diamond

$500,000-$999,999 ( e-mail for contract info)

ANJET ExecuCard

$1,000,000+ ( e-mail for contract info)